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Local Animal Removal

Find local animal removal services near you. Don't let squirrel removal become a hassle. Our expert animal control experts will safely remove your pests.

Local Animal Removal Services

Posted by Local Animal Removal on February 27 2017, 08:35am

There are as many different kinds of pest control, as there are pests. Some pests are a mere nuisance while other can wreak havoc on your home or belongings, others are somewhere in between, but they can still damage your home. Squirrels are one of those pests that most homeowners don't necessarily want to kill, but if they get into your attic, under the porch, garage or other places they can urinate, chew and make huge messes. Damaging electrical wires is probably the most dangerous of their bad habits. Squirrels are cute and many people love seeing them outdoors. However, the situation is completely different when these animals invade their homes. They can cause a severe and expensive damage to the property, and that's why hiring professionals who specialize in this field is crucial. Mid-Atlantic is one of the best wildlife control in Columbia, MD. You should give them a call when facing a squirrel infestation.

Even Though They're Cute, They're A Problem

Lots of people actually feed the squirrels on a regular basis, they're pretty, and they don't get into the garbage or other food sources like rats do. They typically eat mostly nuts that they find on the neighborhood trees and, of course, the local squirrel feeder. They are rodents, but since they don't crawl through sewers, gutters, garbage cans, and other nasty places they aren't as dirty and dangerous as rats. Also, they don't carry as many diseases as rats do.

Local Animal Removal Services

The problem arises when they get into the house, many times the attic, and proceed to set up their home there. They'll bring in lots of nesting materials and also use what they find laying around to build their nest. This can be a problem, but usually, it's just a big mess.

Another problem with squirrels is their bad habit of chewing constantly. They can ruin your wiring in your home, and that can be expensive if it doesn't cause a fire first. And finally, they do urinate frequently, and that will soak into the wood, insulation, and drywall making eliminating the smell very difficult. That's when people call a squirrel removal service when things have gotten out of hand.

Animal Removal Service Will Be The Best Option

Of course, you can lay out some rat poison and probably kill the rodents, but if you have kids, they've probably named them already, so that's not an option. Plus, you don't want them dying in your house attic, the smell will be horrible.

The best thing to do is trap the squirrels in safe-live traps using some food they can't resist. Then, once you've got them all, take them a few miles away to a park or wooded area and let them go. You can also hire professionals who specialize in humane removal, as they will only relocate the animal, without harming it.

After The Squirrel Removal, There's More To Be Done

The job's not over just because the squirrels have been relocated. Any other squirrel will be able to easily find the scent trails and enter your attic through the same hole. So you need to securely block all entrances to your home and any new possible entrances as well. Then clean the area where their nest was, all the entrances, and any pathways you can find. This will stop other squirrels from following the paths into your home.

Getting rid of squirrels can be a hassle, but also a reminder that you had openings big enough for a rat to crawl in. That alone should make you want to tighten up your attic or crawl space. Rats are far more destructive, dirty, and reproduce more offspring, so consider your squirrel infestation a lucky break.

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